Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

A Tribute to Janie Treadwell (1938-2006)
One of Hill County's Finest

Memorials In Janie's Name

One of the greatest sacrifices a person can make in his or her life is to volunteer their precious time to help others. Janie Treadwell, along with her beloved husband Bob, did just that by volunteering with Hill County Paw Pals. They worked tirelessly in the group towards attaining the stated goals of building and donating an animal shelter to Hillsboro, (to evolve into “contracted” county use) which will help our most helpless creatures—homeless dogs and cats.

Equally important were Janie’s contributions to Paw Pals’ goals of correcting pet overpopulation by working with the proactive programs of Education and Spay/Neuter. The love Janie had for animals and her commitment to them was obvious through the sacrifice of her own time spent working to further Paw Pals’ goals. Janie spent hundreds of volunteer hours working to better Hill County by attending Paw Pals’ fund raising events and working entire twelve hour shifts each month at the Paw Pals Low Cost Sterilization and Vaccination Clinics. Janie’s enthusiasm inspired other volunteers to follow her lead. She believed she could affect positive change in our county to help end our tragic pet overpopulation problem in which over 1,000 unwanted but adoptable companion animals (dogs and cats) are euthanized each year.

Janie’s passion for and commitment to Paw Pals has been a major factor in the group’s ongoing and unprecedented success. To date, Paw Pals has achieved nearly $90,000 towards the building of this much needed animal shelter. Janie’s participation in the low cost sterilization clinics has resulted in 500 sterilizations and 1,038 rabies vaccinations being administered—all at zero cost to tax payers. Janie’s selfless and loving efforts have resulted in 4,000 unwanted pets from being born had each of those 500 pets produced a litter of eight. Through her work, Janie made an invaluable impact on Hill County’s pet overpopulation problem and it all started when she chose to make a difference and joined a group that shared her passion for helping our community’s most helpless creatures—unwanted dog and cats.

Each and every member of Hill County Paw Pals salutes Janie Treadwell for her selfless commitment to and tireless work for the people and companion animals of this county. Hill County, its residents, and particularly its dogs and cats, all lost a dear friend when Janie Treadwell passed away but all of us at Paw Pals hope the wonderful example she set will inspire others to join in our grassroots movement that continues to work towards correcting pet overpopulation—ending the needless abandonment and killing of our companion animal friends while reducing our community’s health, economic and legal liabilities.

Printed in the Reporter Newspaper (Hillsboro) on April 27, 2006
Printed in the Paw Print Press (Itasca)on May 19, 2006