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Lizzie is Rat Terrier/Dachshund mix. She’s black & white with a little bit of brown on her face. Last seen at 6:00 Thursday May 2nd at 501 Craig St. in Hillsboro. These are pictures of Lizzie, but she’s gained weight since these were taken. Please call Deborah at 254-580-8226 if you’ve seen her.

whitepitA lost puppy came to our house this weekend It looks to be only 4 to 6 months old maybe a pit bull mix. He is white with a few brown spots. We are located on Hwy 77 between FM 2959 and FM 934. I'm enclosing a picture, could you please post it on your Lost and Found page? If anyone knows this sweet puppy they can contact us during the day at 254-582-7106 Thank you.

 Beth and Ronnie

Lost Dog

Lost Dog snoop - Please call 817.307.8443 or 817.357.9383


Snoop was lost on the night of July 4th from the HCR 4421/HWY 66/HWY 67 area. He is a 7 year old mixed breed dog with a black, white & tan coat. He weighs about 80lbs and is friendly. If you have any information that could bring him back to his family,

PLEASE call:

• The number on his tag. This is our vet, and they can help him get home.

• Jennifer—817.307.8443

• Stephanie—817.357.9383

Thank you!!!


We live in Whitney in the country and our dog is lost. He is 55 lbs, has white chest, brendled coat, four white feet, pink on his mouth, and yellow eyes.

He has 1 grey spot on each side of his belly. His name is Pierre. He had a black collar with spikes on it. He is gentle, cautious and likes to sit in chairs.

Please contact us if someone is kind enough to turn him in.

Thank you,



Our dog went missing on Jan 01,2012 in the morning. Her name is boberran but goes by Bob. She is a terrier mix with long hair Chihuahua. She is white with brown spots. She had on her brown harness. If you find her please call (931)237-9324. Thank you

Name: Boberran (Bob)

July 14, 2011

Missing! RED HEELER, LONG TAIL (NOT DOCKED), BLACK THICK COLLAR WITH TAG (The tag looks a little squished), VERY FRIENDLY, 1 YEAR OLD, BUT FULL GROWN AND ABOUT 35 ish LBS. She normally comes when she is called.


Lost: On I-35 near Italy Texas. My husband and children were on their way to Lake Whitney, the dog jumped out the window and landed in the highway. When my husband pulled over, the guy behind him said she DID get up and start running around, but when my husband went back (5 times) she was nowhere to be found. If you see her, please call Ashley @ 817-988-6927 or T.J. @ 817-988-6925.

Black Lab named Scout
Missing in Hillsboro area

My 1 yr old black lab named Scout has been missing since about 1am Sunday morning . He got off the bus at a rest stop on the way to Austin, about 30 minutes after leaving Waxahachie (Fat Daddy's) on 35. He has a collar & chip. He is solid black with no marking, never bites, rarely barks - extremely gentle mannered.




Our dog ,Shelby, is missing. She was last seen sometime Tuesday near HCR 1414 and FM 67. She is about two years old, quite shy, but friendly. Any assistance in finding her would be greatly appreciated.

Tweeder is missing. He is a 10 year old miniature american eskimo around 30 lbs. He was missing from home (in the Tres Vidas community, north of Hillsboro on hwy 77) when we returned from work on June 9. If anyone has seen him please call us during the day at 582-7106 or at night at 580-9794. Our e-mail : bethageorge@yahoo.com We miss him very much!

We have lost our family pet. Our Chihuahua went missing this morning at 7 a.m. on the 600 block of East Franklin . He is 3 years of age, very friendly, but he is deaf and we are having great difficulty in finding him. I would appreciate any help that you can give as my children are very upset.

We have come to the conclusion, after searching; putting up signs (that keep getting taken down), putting adds in the Chronicle and 7 editions of the Green Sheet, and over 100 missing pet sites, that the key to getting our missing dog back is spreading the word to animal care takers, vets, pet stores, shelters, etc.

Gidget (Midget) was taken from our yard on the evening of Sunday, October 19th, 2008 near the intersections of Old Richmond & Synott, Synott & Bissonnett in Southwest Houston. She is not micro chipped and I do not expect her to still have her collar on.

• She is a 4 year old Female Shetland sheepdog with long, strawberry blond fur mixed with light brown.

• She has white patches on her neck, paws, and tip of tail.

• She has a long snout but very delicate features and a sweet face. She was the runt of her litter and has stayed quite small, even for a Sheltie.

• She is approximately 15 lbs

• She has one light blue eye (her right eye).

• She has straight, tall ears that fold just at the tips. The tips have dark fur.

• She doesn't come when her name is called, but she does run in circles and bark. With a persistent bark it tends to turn into "singing."

• She's doesn't like to be held or picked up. She's very fast and has the speed and personality of an agility dog. She attacks vacuums and other loud objects in the home, but only when they're being used.

If you feel an animal in your care matches her description please call the Bellers. Gidget’s vet is Dr. Slomer at VCA Ashford Animal Clinic on 12633 Whittington (Telephone: 281-497-3917). There would be no reason for her to be brought anywhere else unless it was by the people who took her or even rescued her. We’re hoping she will try to escape. If you have any question please feel free to contact us for anything at any time immediately!

Please call: Home 281-879-7770, Cell (1) 281-435-5848, Cell (2) 281-433-1960, Cell (3) 281-433-1495

My name is Lucky

I am a 10 year old, yellow/orange tabby cat with a ring tail. I was in an accident on northbound I-35W Thursday night at the Hillsboro Airport Exit. My dad and brother were in the truck and both of them are ok. I miss them and need you to help them find me. I am an indoor/outdoor model of cat so if I show up at your house I may try to come in and visit if you let me. I have never met a stranger and like anyone who will pet and rub me around my ears. I pull the hair out of my back around my tail so it’s a bit thin there. If you see me please call Cody and Brenda Bryant at 254-694-7157 or 940-641-0428.

"Samson" an all white Great Pyraness has been missing since New Year's Eve. He is almost 2 years old, neutered and UTD on all his shots. Samson is very sweet and will probably come to anyone. He was last seen north of Hillsboro on HCR 4231 (off of Hwy 81). He is a family pet and is missed very much. Please call Mandy at (254) 580-0513.

Lost dog (family member): Female Border Collie, she answers to Bonnie. She was last seen on FM 67, past the Woodrow Baptist Church in Covington, TX. She has never been a work dog and is an inside dog. She has been spayed; her only value is to us as a family member. We and our other pets are extremely missing her. Please if you have any information contact Rocky or Rhonda Stripling (day or night!) Home # 254-874-5043 Rocky’s work # 817-249-0081, cell # 817-284-5208 Rhonda’s work# 817-924-4474, cell# 817-907-5450

Lost Husky: 2 yr. black and white neutered male with crystal blue eyes, forest green collar with Waco vet dog tag, chip inserted. Howls and "talks" a lot at night. Been gone a week now in the area of Hwy 22 and CR4350 (between Hillsboro and Brandon) Please call Paw Pals at (254) 580-0679

My name is Dierks, I weigh 45 lbs. and I was last seen Tuesday night in the 500 block of Craig St. I have an injured back leg (leg was bandaged the last time we saw him). I'm VERY FRIENDLY! Please call my owners at 254-580-8226 if you know anything about me!

We recently bought a house in Carl’s Corner. On our way to the house for the first time our beloved Blue Heeler Colt jumped out of the truck. He is four years old and has perfect heeler markings and was not wearing a collar. He was lost somewhere on 2959 between I-35 and Carls Corner. He has seizures and hates storms. He is loved and missed. Please contact us if you have ANY information on this dog. Michelle or Andy 682-551-9111 / 817-595-6821

My name is "Rooster" and I am lost.  My breed is a Blue Lacy (similar to a blue heeler).  I am a 2 year old intact male.  I have dark gray short hair.  My chest has a white area and my eyes are yellow in color.  I was last seen at home which is five miles south of Whitney on FM 933 and CR 2120 on Saturday, October 7th.  If you have seen me, please contact my family at 254-707-0331.  I am a family pet and they love and miss me!

Hello Paw Pals, Please be on the look out for a Chinese Shar-Pei female dog. She is tan in color with a "bear" coat wearing a blue collar with pink rhinestones. She recently had surgery. She was last seen in Hillsboro's County Club residential area. If you find the dog, please call Sarah at 582-8952.

Attached is a picture of a lost young female dog that wandered to MPG's building located at Old Brandon Rd/Hwy 22 intersection. She is black with brown markings on face, legs, & chest, light color eyes. She is in great shape. If you know this dog please call MPG at 582-9249.

We have found a dog and need help locating his family.  He was found on 12/31/06 around lunchtime south of Whitney on FM 933. He is a Golden Retriever and appears to be around 9 or 10 years old, by looking at his teeth. He weighs about 100 lbs and is EXTREMELY sweet and gentle. He is wearing a faded red collar but has no tags. He has what appears to be a small cauliflower shaped growth behind his right ear and has a bad occasional cough.  Please call Mike or Betty at (254) 580-0679 if you can assist us putting this animal with it's owners.

Anthony & April Skibell

A co-worker of mine has lost their family dog. His name is Ace. You can reach the owner Debbie Brooks at 254/623-4284 home or 254/582-8585 work. He is scared and may be aggressive.

Found - Boston Terrier - Male Adult - Only has one eye Found Tuesday evening on FM 933 North of Whitney between Gravel Pit Road and FM 2604. Please call after 6 p.m. or anytime Saturday or Sunday 254-337-0866

Lost - Ginger is a loved family pet that was our Mothers companion. Ginger has several health problems that require medication. She is Diabetic, has pancreatitis and epileptic seizures. She has a soft fatty lump on her right hip. Ginger has several nick names including Gin-Gin, Ninny and Ninners. She disappeared from our home at 301 Main, Bynum, between 7 and 8 PM on Tuesday April 18, 2007 during the storm. Ginger is scared of storms and we were not home to comfort her. Somehow she got out of the house and yard and vanished. We are very worried about Ginger and would love to get her back.