Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Hill County Paw Pals Receives $5,000 from Cheryl and Sam Wyly


Last week Paw Pals received a generous contribution of $5,000 from the Cheryl and Sam Wyly Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas.  The sincere generosity of this couple will ultimately benefit every citizen and companion animal of Hill County when the goal of a county-wide animal shelter is reached.  The total amount has been directed to the animal shelter building fund.  Mrs. Wyly is the daughter of Carole Huens of Whitney who has been a continual supporter and volunteer with Paw Pals’ endeavors to bring needed change to correct the tragic situation of pet overpopulation in our great county.

Both Cheryl and Sam Wyly have followed Paw Pals’ progress for some time and are supportive of efforts to provide animal-advocacy services including adoption, sterilization, and education about animal care and pet-overpopulation.  The Wyly’s are also recognized in communities outside our city and state for their commitment to humane care of animals.


Cheryl and Sam Wyly’s generous philanthropy has touched the hearts of Paw Pals’ board members and every volunteer and supporter.  From the bottom of all of our hearts, we are truly grateful for this considerate gift.  Their names will ultimately be displayed on an honor plaque in the animal shelter and it is currently listed on our donor page of Paw Pals’ website – Click here to go to Donor’s page


Cheryl and Sam Wyly’s genuine concern and altruistic efforts to help will help bring the goals of Hill County Paw Pals that much closer to a reality—allowing for many of our unwanted companion animals to have a chance at life while meeting the basic animal control needs for Hill County citizens—a fundamental and necessary core service expected by tax payers.  We are extremely grateful for this kind donation and only wish the very best for this most generous couple and their families.


For the past three years Paw Pals has been working to bring public awareness for the need of a county-wide animal shelter to provide basic animal control to our county’s unchecked growing pet overpopulation menace.  Paw Pals will soon begin a facilitative role in bringing a collaborative city/county effort to meet this basic animal control need.