Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Fund Raising Continues Towards Building of County Animal Shelter


Hill County Paw Pals was formed three years ago and has grown to over 1,100 concerned citizens and over 110 businesses wanting to bring positive change to our great county by correcting our potentially dangerous unchecked pet overpopulation issue which burdens our communities with health, economic, safety, and legal liabilities (H.E.L.S).  Pet overpopulation can simply be corrected with community leaders and elected representatives’ support.  Paw Pals has been very successful in bringing public awareness to the issue of pet overpopulation.  Animal control is a core service expected by tax paying citizens and the installation of a county animal control program would include an animal shelter.  Animal control is a necessity to protect our citizens of all ages and especially for the more vulnerable, the young and the elderly.


Many dedicated volunteers continue to reach out to make good towards Paw Pals’ cause.  The successful low cost spay/neuter program under the direction of Kathy Moore with support by Paw Pals volunteers is crucial to bringing pet overpopulation under control.  In addition to bringing public awareness to correct pet overpopulation, fund raising is a critical part in making the building of a county animal shelter a reality.  Paw Pals is very fortunate to have Lana Crow orchestrating this effort.  Additional motivation to raise funds this year came from philanthropists Cheryl and Sam Wyly of Dallas who have agreed to match up to $40,000 that Paw Pals generates this year (by May 2008).  Cheryl is the daughter of Carole Huens of Whitney.  This drive has been labeled “Take Willie Nelson’s Challenge” because of his personal endorsement.  Recently, noted volunteers Jean and “JD” Landis, who manage Paw Pals’ aluminum can project, harvested our third load of cans with the 16-foot caged trailer that was donated by Cen-Tex Trailers (Ronnie and Dana Fuchs, Proprietors) and acquired $444.10.  To date, about $1,500 has been provided because concerned citizens take the time to deposit their aluminum cans with Paw Pals.  Clean aluminum cans can be deposited on the first Tuesday of each month during Paw Pals’ Low Cost Sterilization Clinic conducted at the former Wal-Mart building or by simply calling Paw Pals to arrange for pick up.  Another ongoing project is Paw Pals’ “Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime” that was designed and installed two years ago by local Eagle Scout James Roush, son of Dr. David and Kari Roush, DVM, who and own and operate Hillsboro Veterinary Hospital on Old Brandon Road.  This project includes over fifteen donation jars that are being supported by local businesses.  To date, over $3,000 has been generated as concerned citizens reach into their pockets and put their spare change into these jars.  This successful program is now being managed by Loraine Easterling.  Other forthcoming planned events are: 4th Annual Pet Parade on September 8 (organized by Loraine Easterling and Shelby Crawford); 1st Annual Paw Pals’ Picnic on September 29 (organized by Jackie and Randy Chance); 4th Annual County-Wide Garage Sale during the first weekend of November (managed by Marilyn Kerr); 2nd Annual Golf Tournament in April (planned by Lew Crow), and the 1st Annual “Waggin Trail Bike Ride” on May 3 (a joint project with Hill County Boys and Girls Club).  Paw Pals invites your support with these worthy events.  If you would like to become involved and help bring positive change to our community, please call 580-0679; write P.O. Box 1533, Hillsboro, Texas 76645, or email hcpawpals@yahoo.com.