Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Message From Rural County Citizens


            What message is being sent when citizens from a rural county in Central Texas bring in over $55,000.00 from four annual garage sales while expending thousands of volunteer hours in its preparation and execution?  The message is absolutely clear—the citizens of Hill County have united and want positive change to our county’s absence of basic animal control that would include an animal shelter as its nucleus—basic core service that tax payers expect.  Proactive involvement is needed to correct our county’s pet overpopulation issue—the status quo of doing nothing will only allow pet overpopulation to continue to worsen along with its prolongation of serious liabilities—health, economic, legal, and safety.


            This year’s garage sale broke all previous records with an intake of $12,720.54.  With our matching offer from notable philanthropists Cheryl and Sam Wyly (daughter and son-in-law of Carole Huens of Whitney), this year’s total becomes $25,441.08!  The donated oil painting of the Texas Longhorn Bull by renowned local artist Lois Beeny and the silent bid for the 1930s bedroom suite donated by Bill and Holly Crawford of Waco helped propel the success of this event to its record breaking level.


            “It is important to know that the citizens of Hill County and not Paw Pals earned the $55,000 with their donations of tens of thousands of saleable items” says Marilyn Kerr.  “Paw Pals merely implemented the sale with their garage sales,” added Kerr.


            Management of this year’s community service event, as was last year’s, was Marilyn Kerr.  Sixteen hour days for the preparation week become the norm for Marilyn as she organized and managed over 4,000 volunteer hours towards unparalleled success.


            The outpouring of community support was unprecedented.  Paw Pals would like to thank the hundreds of concerned citizens who donated thousands of saleable goods towards this successful outcome. Much thanks also goes to the City of Hillsboro for the use of the Civic Center but most important for their continued support.  Thanks also go to the Hillsboro Police Department for their systematic uniformed patrol of the area.  Volunteers who reached out to make this event such a success were:


Taylor Alexander, Phobe Alloy, Lois Beeney, Patsy Bishop, Kate Blair, Jackie and Randy Chance, Kasey Clary, Susan and Bobby Crawford, Shelby and Matt Crawford, Lana and Lew Crow, Cleo Davis, Andrea Deford, Mary and Bob Douglas, Loraine Easterling, Amy Eggleston, Dana Fuchs, Anita and John Gilley, Betty and Mike Hendricks, Jade Hennig, Holly Holland, Carole Huens, Mary Ann Johnson, Marilyn and George Kerr, Jean and JD Landis, Pat and Bill Lovelace, Cherie, Nicole, and Julian Luttrell, Kathy Moore, Mona and Johnny Orvig, Stan and Judith Parrotte, Sylvia Pate, , Mary Lou Pearce, Diana Prince, Sandra Robinson Lonnie Tilson, Amy Tinney, Bob Treadwell, and Kasey Watson.


            Hill County Paw Pals is the grass roots group facilitating the installation of a county animal control program and shelter.  If you would like to become a part of our successful efforts, please call (254) 580-0679 or email hcpawapals@yahoo.com.