Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Volunteerism—an Important Part in Bringing Positive Change


“Never doubt that a group of committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”Margaret Mead.  It is so amazing to think about what a wonderful community this is and the many compassionate, giving people who live in this county.  You would all think so too if you went to the Hill County Paw Pals fourth annual garage sale and viewed the Hillsboro Convention Center Building.  The building was overflowing with donations from people throughout the county with loving hearts and compassion for the animals God put here and entrusted in our care.  Hill County Paw Pals wants to thank each of you again even though we don’t know the names of most of the folks who brought donations.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Although the real garage sale’s success was uniting the community towards the goal of building an animal shelter for Hill County, the proceeds from the event totaled $25,441.08 with the matching fund offered by gracious philanthropists Cheryl and Sam Wyly–of which 100% will be directed towards building of an animal shelter.  We also have to again acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of fellow Paw Pals, namely Marilyn Kerr who was the main organizer for this event.  Marilyn’s superb organizational skills along with countless hours of coordinating and preparation lead this successful sale.  The names of the many Paw Pals volunteers are listed in our previous article which can be viewed on our website here.


Volunteers in communities across our great nation have made a world of difference in many aspects.  One area that has seen a tremendous improvement is how we treat our companion animals (dogs and cats).  In 1987 over 12 million dogs were being euthanized every year in the United States.  Ten years later this drastic figure improved 70% to 5 million.  In some communities, there has been a near 100% improvement while also increasing their adoption rate simply because caring people volunteered and organized to change the situation in their community.  Hill County remained stagnant in the area of pet overpopulation correction until Paw Pals came on scene.  In our county we continue to destroy over one thousand dogs and cats (most of who are healthy and adoptable) simply because we lack a basic animal shelter that would provide a public adoption area.


As a non-profit IRC 501(c)(3) organization, Hill County Paw Pals is made up of everyday people volunteering part of their busy everyday lives because they want to improve the tragic pet overpopulation situation that exist is our county.  Our group organized some four years ago with two stated goals: 1) Facilitate installation of a county animal control program and promote and contribute to building a county animal shelter; and 2) Organize to challenge the overpopulation of unwanted companion animals (dog and cats) with four programs working simultaneously–Education, Legislation, Spay/Neuter, and Adoption (Project ELSA).


“Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself.  It's what you do for others”—Danny Thomas.  If you would like to volunteer and become part of our endeavors to bring positive change please call (254) 580-0679 or email hcpawpals.org.  Paw Pals’ monthly meetings are on the first Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30pm at the Bullock Room of Hill College cafeteria in Hillsboro.