Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

$10 Pet Sterilization/Vaccinations Being Offered to Qualifying Families

Hill County Paw Pals, the group organized to build and donate an animal shelter in Hillsboro to service Hill County, conducted their 18th Low Cost Sterilization/Vaccination Clinic on August 1st.  This service is provided in collaboration with Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) based in Denton.  Volunteers who made this service day a success were: Cleo Davis, Dana and Ronnie Fuchs, Jane Green, Mike Hendricks, Mary Ann Johnson, Jean and Jesse “JD” Landis, Kathy Moore, Diana Prince, and Lea Slocum.  A total of 17 dogs and 12 cats were sterilized bringing the total to 649 pets sterilized.  “This is a significant number in that each pet had the potential to produce litters in an already pet overpopulated environment”, says Kathy Moore, founder and chairperson for Paw Pals’ Spay/Neuter Program.  With the recent generous HILCO Round Up Program award of $750, Paw Pals will reach out to families participating in the Texas Food Stamp Program.  If you are a holder of a food stamp card, Paw Pals will supplement the cost of your pet(s)’ sterilization/vaccination.  All one has to pay is $10 per pet.  The sterilization/vaccination clinics are conducted on the first Tuesday of each month.  The next clinic will be September 5th at the Hillsboro Convention Center (former Wal-Mart building).  Appointments are required for surgery.  Vaccinations are administered from 10am-2pm.  Please call toll free 1-866-310-PETS (7387) for an appointment.  If you need more information or would like to volunteer at the clinic, please call Kathy Moore at 582-9374.  For information about Paw Pals call 580-0679 or email hcpawpals@yahoo.com.  Aluminum cans for Paw Pals are being collected during the clinic hours.  Paw Pals thanks Jean Landis for managing this important recycling program as the proceeds will directly benefit the sterilization/vaccination program.