Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

"Shelter Walkers" A Short Film that needs to be seen byeveryone, especially the general public!!

Dear fellow rescuers, I am very pleased and proud to announce that my friend and roommate, Sharie Vance redoakgal@yahoo.com, a full-time student of film, has written and produced this short documentary entitled: "Shelter Walkers". Click here to vie the video. This video features our very own shelter walkers - Russell Posch, Debbie Barclay and Maggie Dahl - volunteers at Irving, Grand Prairie and Dallas shelters.

These are just three of so many people who, on a daily basis, bravely, tirelessly, and selflessly give of themselves, their time and their hearts, to walk through shelters, take pictures, write bios, and send the information about these dogs out to us - networking hundreds of their postings - in hopes of saving some of these dogs in desperate need of rescue as their time ticks away.

Three months ago, Sharie knew very little about the workings of the rescue community. Of course, I filled her in~! After listening and questioning about what many of us do, trying to make a difference, she was compelled to do what she could to help. She decided she would focus her class-assigned documentary on the plight of shelter dogs, starting with the front line people...the shelter walkers.

Please watch the video (nothing gruesome or upsetting in it, I promise) and forward the link to your friends, co-workers, family, and anyone else you can think of. If you have any ideas on how to get this educational and enlightening message out to television stations, schools, boys & girls clubs, and families everywhere, I'm sure Sharie can send you copies of the DVD upon request. You can contact her at redoakgal@yahoo.com. And don't forget to congratulate her on her huge accomplishment, which included countless hours with her camera, in the studio, and in front of her computer putting this piece together - which earned her an 'A' in her class! She also adopted one of the dogs brought in to the Irving shelter on a day she was filming there!! She tells me this is only part one of a series she is planning...the others will include those individuals that focus on networking, fostering and adoptions, transportation coordination and educators in the community.

To view the film, click here.

On behalf of the entire rescue community, thank you Sharie!!! Barb Staves Independent Rescuer and volunteer with Companion Animal Network - Dallas, TX