Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Paw Pals Marks Third Anniversary Low Cost Sterilization/Vaccination Clinic


Hill County Paw Pals, the grass roots group organized to facilitate the installation of a county-level animal control program and animal shelter, marked their third anniversary Low Cost Sterilization and Vaccination Clinic this month—most appropriately in February since this month has been decreed as National Spay and Neuter Month.  The founder and director of this valuable community service is Kathy Moore of Hillsboro.  Because of Kathy’s vision and implementation, over ten thousand unwanted pets have already been prevented as over a thousand responsible pet owners have utilized this service and sterilized and vaccinated their loving pets.

Success of these community service clinics stem from volunteers who constructively use their spare time.  An average of over 100 volunteer hours from area citizens are provided each clinic day to bring success to these events—making it free from taxpayers’ expense.  This service is in collaboration with Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP)—a non-profit group which is based in Denton, Texas.

Low cost pet sterilization service is a vital part in Paw Pals’ proactive strategy to correct pet overpopulation.  In fact, no community has ever corrected their pet overpopulation issue without low cost services made available.  These clinics continue to be performed on the first Tuesday of each month at the Hillsboro Civic Center (old Wal-Mart Building).  Appointments are needed for surgeries by calling toll free 1-866-310-PETS.  Low cost vaccinations are administered from 10am-2pm and do not require an appointment.  The following Paw Pals volunteers worked to make this anniversary’s event another success: Dana Fuchs, Jane Green, Mike Hendricks, Mary Ann Johnson, Jean & “JD” Landis, Carlos Martinez, Kathy Moore, Mary Lou Pierce, Diana Prince, and Lea Slocum.  Paw Pals and the citizens of Hill County are very thankful for the support given by the City of Hillsboro for the use of the Civic Center to perform this needed community service.

If you would like to volunteer with these clinics, please contact Kathy Moore at 582-9374.  If you would like to help with Paw Pals’ endeavors to correct pet overpopulation in our great county, call 580-0679; email hcpawpals@yahoo.com; or visit our website hcpawpals.org for more information.

A public meeting (always on the first Thursday) for Paw Pals has been scheduled at 6:30pm on Thursday, March 6 in the Bullock Room of Hill College Cafeteria in Hillsboro.  Invited guest speaker will be Michelle Carlson, Attorney at Law, who will present a program on Legal Liabilities of Pet Overpopulation.  In addition, plans will be briefed for our April fund raiser and for the “Waggin Trail Bike Ride” scheduled May 3rd.