Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Paw Pals Builds a Bridge


“We build too many walls and not enough bridges”, penned Isaac Newton in the 1600’s.  Hill County Paw Pals has been part of the building of an amazing 873 mile bridge that will be instrumental in breaking through the wall that leads to pet overpopulation.  Hill County Paw Pals has linked hands with Friends of Aspen Animal Shelter (www.dogsaspen.com).  We have been most fortunate to have been introduced to these compassionate citizens of Colorado who share the interests and goals of citizens of Hill County who are struggling to promote humane treatment of our companion animals and bring an end to the pet overpopulation crisis in this county.  The Aspen group has adopted Paw Pals as their “sister” organization.  Although our two organizations are 873 miles apart, our causes parallel one another—providing shelter and hope for unwanted companion animals.  Citizens of Hill County, particularity volunteers with Paw Pals, are forever grateful.

Pictured from left to right are Carole and David Huens of Whitney and Lana Crow of Hillsboro—the core of Hill County Paw Pals’ adoption team.  This team in the past three months has rescued over two dozen unwanted dogs from our county that would have met an untimely and unnecessary death.  Kathy Moore and Andree Luallen are another vital component in Paw Pals adoption program, but were not available on the day the photograph was taken.

Cheryl Wyly, notable philanthropist, promoted the idea of adopting Hill County Paw Pals as the sister organization of the Aspen group.  Cheryl is the daughter of Carole Huens, Paw Pals board member, and the Aspen Animal Shelter is officially titled Cheryl and Sam Wyly Aspen/Pitkin County Animal Shelter.

Cheryl and her mother are long-time animal rescuers.  Cheryl and Sam Wyly have a home in both Aspen, Colorado and Dallas where their private jet is routinely scheduled.  Fortunately, when the jet is scheduled to fly from Dallas to Aspen for positioning, the empty space has been filled with adoptable dogs from Hill County.  This is a remarkable relationship as the adoption rate of our airlifted dogs has been 100%--some of Hill County’s abandoned dogs have found homes with celebrities; one now resides on Park Avenue-a real Cinderella story! 

The kindness and generosity of the Friends of Aspen Animal group is so deeply appreciated by Hill County Paw Pals.  However, this is not at all the answer to the crisis of pet overpopulation that exists here.  We must move forward to build an animal shelter for Hill County and implement animal control for our citizens.  Isaac Newton also wrote: “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”.  We thank Cheryl and Sam Wyly and Friends of Aspen to allow us to stand upon their shoulders and view first hand how a county can achieve success with stamping out pet overpopulation and achieving a shelter where pets are adopted and not euthanized.

For more information about Paw Pals, please visit:  www.helphillcountyanimals.com.