Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Aspen Airlift Reaches 46th Hill County Dog


Seventeen Hill County dogs moved north to Colorado to a better life...or just to have a life as several of those 17 dogs were scheduled to be put to death at the Hillsboro impoundment facility.  The dogs were airlifted as space was available to Aspen, Colorado on the private jet of Cheryl and Sam Wyly as it was being repositioned from Dallas Love Field.  Now a total of 46 dogs have been airlifted to Aspen and the adoption rate has been overwhelmingly successful.  The Aspen animal shelter is officially called the Cheryl and Sam Wyly Animal Shelter.  We will be forever grateful for the kindness and outreach of the Aspen community. Pictured is George Kerr of Hillsboro, Paw Pals Board of Director.  Mr. Kerr arose early this past Sunday morning to load and transport 17 dogs to Dallas to meet an early morning departure.  Thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers such as George Kerr, animals of Hill County are being saved from certain death.  Other valuable Paw Pals volunteers that lead the adoption efforts are Lana Crow, Carol and David Huens, Andree Luwallen, and Kathy Moore.  Hillsboro Animal Control Officer James Deluca is also to be thanked for his unwavering dedication with life saving initiatives.  However, despite the happy ending for the dogs transported to Aspen, there are hundreds more that don’t get a second chance each year in Hill County.  Transporting unwanted pets to another state is not the answer to pet overpopulation in our county.  We must continue to look at proactive solutions.  Please continue to support the endeavors of Paw Pals as we reach towards the reality of installing an animal shelter and correcting our county’s pet overpopulation issue.  Visit www.helphillcountyanimals.com for information about Paw Pals or simply call (254) 580-0679.