Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Paw Pals Joins Movement to Correct Pet Overpopulation

Twenty years ago across our great nation a movement started to correct pet overpopulation.  Prior to the 1980’s, over 17 million dogs were being destroyed in animal shelters annually because there were not homes for them.  For every person born there are 7 puppies born each day.  Simply said, as long as this 1:7 ratio exists there will never be enough homes for these animals.  Starting from "one pair" of breeding dogs, in seven generations, 4,372 offspring can result! Two uncontrolled breeding cats can produce 420,715 cats in this same period! This total for cats balloons to 10 million cats after 10 years! Cats are kitten machines.  Cats can produce up to 3 litters per year and can have their first litter as young as 4 months of age.  Dogs can average 2 litters per year.  Communities that do not have an effective animal control only see their situation worsen.  Communities cannot euthanize or even adopt their way out of pet overpopulation—they must set up proactive programs.

Grass roots groups of concerned people realized that pet overpopulation is solvable and decided to do something.  Within 10 years, our great nation saw a remarkable 70% improvement in its euthanasia rate and in many communities progress became a resounding 0%.  Somehow Hillsboro and Hill County have fallen behind in this movement.  Hill County Paw Pals organized to propel the county toward solving pet overpopulation with two stated goals: 1) Build and then support an Animal Shelter in Hillsboro that will evolve into a county facility and 2) Organize to challenge the overpopulation of unwanted companion animals (dogs and cats) with four programs working simultaneously—Education, Legislation, Spay/Neuter, and Adoption (Project ELSA).  Setting of these goals has not been done in a vacuum—two years of study has been performed with consultation from seasoned animal shelter operators with a combined 100 plus years of hands-on experience (Notably; Texas Department of Public Health Services Region 7, Waco Humane Society, Temple Animal Shelter, Burleson Animal Shelter, North Texas Humane Society, Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, and Azle Animal Shelter).  Paw Pals was able to take the best from the best and arrive with a realistic plan to counter our communities’ pet over population issue and develop sound, realistic, and achievable goals at zero cost to taxpayers.

In the year and half of Paw Pals inception, the group has accomplished a great deal because of incredible community support that continues to boost the group to move toward their goals.  With Lana Crow leading numerous volunteers in fundraising, the financial goal to build a shelter has been met and construction (at zero cost to taxpayers) will commence once a suitable site is found.  The proactive programs of Education and Spay/Neuter are well in place and continue to impact our communities towards ridding pet overpopulation.  To date Paw Pals’ sterilization program in collaboration with Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) has sterilized 353 pets and administered 793 rabies vaccinations in just ten service days.  Kathy Moore has coordinated the efforts of this low cost sterilization and vaccination program and has scheduled additional clinics for every month of 2006 (1st Tuesday of each month).  All communities that have succeeded in correcting pet overpopulation have made low cost sterilization options available.

If you would like to help in correcting pet overpopulation in our county please call 580-0679; write P.O.  Box 1533, Hillsboro, Texas 76645; or email hcpawpals@yahoo.com.  It cost nothing to join—all is asked is for your support.