Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Fostering—Equates to Saving Lives

Paw Pals continues to confront the worsening pet overpopulation crisis in Hill County.  At present, unwanted and abandoned animals have little chance of survival.  In the absence of an animal shelter, Paw Pals’ volunteers, with the leadership of Lana Crow, have worked and found homes for hundreds of Hill County’s unwanted dogs by developing an adoption and fostering network.  Because a pet adoption center does not exist, the key tool for saving unwanted but adoptable pets is “fostering” where volunteers open their homes to shelter dogs until their “forever” home is found.  Fostering a dog may seem like a formidable task, but it is a very tangible way to directly save a companion animal’s life.  Volunteering to foster an unwanted dog provides a hopeful dog with a second chance at becoming a cherished pet.  The volunteer gains a special reward by saving a dog’s life and experiencing the joy of watching the animal regain trust and security—ensuring it can be a companion again in a loving home. 

Continued expansion of Hill County Paw Pals’ adoption and foster program network is a cornerstone of a successful animal shelter operation.  With a network already in place, more dogs and cats’ lives can be saved once an animal shelter is built.  Milestones have already been reached with Paw Pals’ adoption/foster program where hundreds of dogs of Hill County, at one time unwanted, have found loving homes—some now have home addresses at Park Avenue, New York City and Aspen, Colorado.  The root of these successes remains with the supreme selflessness of many Paw Pals volunteers.  One such foster family is David and Carole Huens, pictured with Lana Crow, the architect of this humane effort (Lana and Carole are, respectively, Vice President One and Two of Paw Pals).  The Huens have been responsible for dozens of saved dogs that had the misfortune of being born unwanted in an already pet overpopulated county where a basic animal shelter doesn’t exist.  If you would like to help with the saving of precious companion animal lives, please contact Paw Pals at 254.580.0679 or email hcpawpals@yahoo.com.