Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

A Dog Teaches Us New Tricks

by Betty Hendricks


New lessons are available to be learned with every new sunrise.  Hill County Paw Pals has a beautiful Shepherd/Labrador mix in foster care and his name is Trooper.  Trooper lives up to his name as he approaches life with a minor disability and an enormous heart.  He was found in a ditch with a severe leg injury after he was hit by a car.  Previous to that night, his history is unknown to us but we presume he was abandoned by his previous caretakers.  As we watch Trooper, we realize how very much we can learn from this animal that God kept alive that night to inspire us in our daily walk.  Trooper never seems to think of what he can’t do, nor does he feel sorry that he only has 3 legs that are in great working order.  His fourth leg sometimes seems to do what he wants and sometimes it is just an extra weight to carry.  But Trooper takes it as it comes and never tries on the role of a victim.  He runs and he plays and seems to find pure joy in the fact that he is here today.  He never thinks to attack other dogs so he might feel superior.  He looks forward to all the basic enjoyments: eating, playing, and sleeping on a soft bed.  At the end of the day, he seems content to nuzzle up next to his favorite person and thank them for making his life better.

            The Bible tells us that God created the animals and we are to care for them.  Clearly, these animals are here also to teach us ways of humility, love for all creatures, and the appreciation for all that is before us.  As we watch Trooper recover from a dreadful accident that nearly cost him his life, we are grateful for lessons that come in the form of a loving four legged creature willing to run as fast as three legs can carry him just for a kind word and pat on the head.

            As individuals and as a group, Paw Pals will grow from the lessons learned from Trooper.  We accept each positive response from the community as an encouragement to keep going.  Sometimes it seems we are only walking on 3 legs as we progress toward the building of an animal shelter, but we will remain grateful because we are being propelled forward and are not moving backward.

            As for Trooper, he will be looking for a forever home where his special needs can be addressed and he will have a soft bed at night and an owner looking forward to lots of sloppy kisses from a very good friend.

            For more information about Paw Pals, visit helphillcountyanimals.com; email: hcpawpals@yahoo.com; or call (254) 580-0679.