Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Paw Pals’ Pet Calendar—Its Introduction

  By Sarah Bennett of Hillsboro, Texas

The first Hill County Paw Pals (HCPP) pet calendar is a celebration of the many successes and goals achieved by this local grassroots organization. Since 2004 the number of dedicated volunteers has grown from just over 30 to over 1,000, each working together toward the goal of making Hill County a safer, more humane home for its human and animal residents.

 Through numerous educational articles in local newspapers and postings on their website (www.hcpawpals.org), HCPP has spread a message of responsibility and awareness about the dangers of pet overpopulation and the desire of the citizens of Hill County for proper animal control including a county-wide animal shelter. Through a partnership with the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection, monthly clinics in Hillsboro have sterilized and vaccinated thousands of dogs and cats. From most generous philanthropy and through ongoing fund raisers like the County-wide Garage Sale and Waggin’ Trail Bike Ride, over $400,000 in donated funds have been raised specifically for construction of an animal shelter.

But of all of the group’s accomplishments to date, this calendar brings into focus the individual successes and triumphs of the HCPP adoption program. Each month features a once unloved, abandoned or even abused animal that has been adopted by a loving family. These beautiful photos capture the hope and happiness that every rescued animal possesses.

The volunteers who work behind the scenes rescuing and rehabilitating area animals including those who pull unwanted dogs from the Hillsboro pound, often just hours before they are set to be euthanized, are true angels on earth. They see what others cannot or will not see: the companionship, devotion and unconditional love an animal is willing to give an adoptive family.

The companion animals featured in this 2010 pet calendar are just a sampling of the hundreds of happy endings that the devoted HCPP volunteers have made happen. Throughout the coming years, these volunteers will continue to rescue, educate, raise funds and raise awareness, not for their own glory, but because they care about our community. Hill County is truly blessed to have such dedicated and selfless residents. This calendar is a wonderful way to thank and honor them.