Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

You Water Your Plants, but What About Your Pets?

By: Shelby Crawford

Each day as I drive around Hillsboro I am reminded of the way people neglect their animals. This isn’t just something that happens in “other neighborhoods” this is something that could be happening next door to you.

I am amazed that people actually drive away in the morning for work, knowing that their pets will be in the heat all day with no water or food available.   With temperatures reaching above 100’, animals can have heat strokes and even die without proper shelter and water. Of course all of you know this, but I believe it is OUR responsibility as citizens of this community, to do something for these animals in need. Instead of looking the other way and “staying out of it”, we should do what is right and call the authorities.   Each of us might have a neglected animal living near us, and if we don’t act fast, the animal could die.   For every neglected or stray animal in this community, there is a person responsible for what has happened to them.

Another problem that you may not be aware of is that people move away and leave their animals behind to fend for themselves.   Cats can jump the fence and go find food and water, but dogs can’t, especially ones that are tied up.By paying attention to your surroundings and checking on animals that you think might have been abandoned, we can save them from a slow, horrible death.

We have been taught from an early age to stay out of other people’s business, that it’s not “our problem”, but this doesn’t apply when you see one of God’s creatures being abused and neglected.   If we saw a starving child on the street, surely we would stop and feed the child and call for help. The same should go for these animals.   It is our job to ensure that these thoughtless pet owners don’t get away with this anymore.   The more people call in and report these problems, the more animals we are saving and maybe we will change the way these owners treat their pets.Just imagine your child or yourself being left out in the heat or cold all day without food and water. Would you allow it to happen?

Maybe today as you are driving home, slow down and notice the backyards of people in this town. Do they have animals? Are they being neglected? If so, make the decision to call and report it, and then stay on top of it until something is done. That is the right thing to do.