Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas


Pet overpopulation (IT) is fast nipping at the heels of every citizen in our county.  Shortly, there will not be any person that is not in someway affected by the behavior of irresponsible pet owners that contribute to this burgeoning problem.  Being proactive means that we had best do something quickly before dire consequences occur.  Evidence of the worsening problem abounds all over the county, from feral cats plaguing townspeople to the worsening abandonment of unwanted dogs and cats in the countryside.  Feral cats are a main carrier of the fatal rabies virus.  Fatal means there is no cure!  Human rabies exposure is just one undesirable outcome of feral cat and dog populations.  Numerous other consequences are already occurring such as the formation of packs of feral dogs that are attacking domestic animals and livestock in our rural communities.  Other communities have tragically experienced loss of human life from attacks by abandoned animals.  We must learn from these occurrences and quickly act.

Hill County Paw Pals, in collaboration with Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP), both non-profit organizations, continue with their common strategy to bring correction to our county’s pet overpopulation issue by providing low-cost sterilization and vaccination services.  TCAP has secured funding from available grant money to bring pet sterilizations to Hillsboro at low cost.  Low-cost sterilization is a vital component of a three-pronged proactive program that is the core of Paw Pals’ mission to correct pet overpopulation—Education, Sterilization, and Enforcement of Animal Control Laws.  All of these programs must work simultaneously to achieve a successful outcome.  Residents and community leaders can not outrun the consequences of pet overpopulation.  Mindful decisions to curb the increasing numbers of unwanted pets must be made in the near future.

Pet overpopulation can be corrected.  A county animal shelter alone will not correct the problem; however, it would be the first beacon of light to illuminate the path to support the mentioned proactive measures that can bring animal control and its services to our county.

The 46th service day of the low cost spay/neuter clinic occurred August 4th.   Forty pet sterilization surgeries were completed and over 200 rabies vaccinations administered that day.  This brings the total since this program’s inception to over 2,100 pet sterilizations and over 6,000 rabies vaccinations!  Kathy Moore has spearheaded the low cost clinic that makes pet sterilization more affordable for our citizens.  Kathy has led this effort since February 15, 2005.  With her devoted leadership, dozens of community volunteers have expended thousands of hours towards the ongoing success of this project.  Our community also remains most grateful to the City of Hillsboro for the continued use of Hillsboro Civic Center where the clinics are scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month.  A most sincere thank you also is extended to all volunteers at the most recent clinic:  Josh Charlton (Bynum High School freshman), Cleo Davis, Mike Hendricks, Freddie Karlicek, Mary Ann Johnson, Jean and JD Landis, Kathy Moore, Ashley Murray, Bob Treadwell, Mary Lou Pearce, Lea Slocum, and Lonnie Tilson.

To volunteer at the clinic, please call Kathy at 582-9374.  For information about Pal Pals, please email: hcpawpals@yahoo.com.