Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Our Community Salutes

Hillsboro Police Department Animal Control Officer James DeLuca

During our recent Paw Pals’ Recognition Banquet, we had the opportunity to bring worthy praise to one of Hillsboro Police Department’s finest—Animal Control Officer James DeLuca.  DeLuca’s job title involves many duties that focus on the well-being of animals and primarily the safety of our community.  Animal Control Officer’s duties include effective communication with both people and animals since a large part of the job involves talking with and dealing with people to resolve problems.  Other duties include investigative work with animal bites and cruelty cases, humane care of impounded animals and educating the public about the realities of pet overpopulation, responsible pet ownership, working with wildlife, and enforcement of animal control laws. 

As with any law enforcement duty, danger must also be faced sometimes on a daily basis during situations in controlling stray animals, rescuing injured animals, or dealing with irate or irrational pet owners.  DeLuca routinely brings a sense of calm professionalism to even the most challenging situations. 

While standing out professionally, DeLuca also possesses a unique humane demeanor in his dutiful position as an Animal Control Officer.  His humaneness has resulted in hundreds of dogs and cats lives being saved by routinely reaching out to local rescue organizations to place adoptable pets into homes.  DeLuca has established a working relationship with Paw Pals’ adoption program and works directly with our program’s chairperson, Lana Crow. 

Animal Control Officer James DeLuca’s daily steadfast professional devotion to his duty reflects great credit to himself while keeping with the high standards of the City of Hillsboro Police Department.  The citizens of our community remain proud of this most professional animal control officer and we salute him.