Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Hill County is Sitting on a Golden Egg Towards the Correction

of Pet Overpopulation


If the richness of a community lies within its people, then Hill County is sitting on a golden egg.  It is rewarding to say that our community is filled with compassion and a progressive spirit aimed towards the correction of pet overpopulation.  Since Hill County Paw Pals originated some six years ago, our community has witnessed unprecedented achievements due to the backing of concerned citizens towards our achievable goals.  Paw Pals can now boast the most recent purchase of property with making reality of the vision of establishing county animal control.  However, in the interim, it must remain clear that Paw Pals can not and will not function as county animal control (a level that we will continue to work towards).  Initially, the facility will open as a limited private pet adoption center operated solely with volunteers and donated funds.  It will always remain Paw Pals’ premise that proactive county animal control is a core service expected by tax paying citizens that can be prioritized into the existing budget without raising taxes.


Proactive animal control has three essential components of which two have already been established by Paw Pals—Education and Low Cost Pet Sterilization.  The third and equally important proactive program is the legislation component which currently remains to be developed as a county governmental entity for the enforcement of animal control laws.  Think of these three proactive programs as a three-legged milk stool where each program must work simultaneously together towards correcting our pet overpopulation issue.  Without this complete package, we will only witness the worsening of our pet overpopulation issue.


We remain blessed to live in Hill County which is rich because of its outstanding and compassionate people—our golden egg.  It is the duty and privilege of every citizen to become civically involved in shaping our community.  We encourage the involvement of all citizens in Hill County to become involved in molding a better community.  Paw Pals believes the elected officials of our county and communities will welcome concerns and input from the public on combating the ever worsening problems associated with pet overpopulation such as unregulated breeding of pets and animal abandonment—the very root of pet overpopulation.  Our elected officials are your representatives and they work for you so please become a part of the solution and communicate with them.


Paw Pals’ public meeting is scheduled March 4th (first Thursday) at 6:30pm at 1500 South Abbott Avenue (new property location) which is next to TXDOT on SH81 as you travel south to Hillsboro High School .  For more information about Paw Pals, please call 580-0679, email hcpawpals@yahoo.com or visit www.hcpawpals.org.