Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Hill County Paw Pals

Volunteer Opportunities Survey

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with HCPP. We are always in need of dedicated hard working volunteers.

For Families volunteering please have a parent compete the top portion of the form (Name, Address, etc.) and add under age childern (those under 16) that are volunteering in the field provided.

Children over 16 may complete the form individually.

Please complete this form indicating your preferences.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Please check all areas that you are interested in doing.

Volunteer Coordinator -- Responsible for coordinating/involving volunteers in every part of our mission.
Receptionist -- Answer phone, thank you calls, adoption follow-up, calls to volunteers, mail.
Record Keeping -- Maintain kennel programs/inventory/contact data base (MS Word/Excel), cage data.
Rescue Network -- Interface with local and state organizations for animal placements.
Grant Writing -- Following set guidelines for securing grant monies for the program.
Training -- Responsible for training new volunteers.
Fundraising -- Coordinate/assist with fundraising events and activities, advertising events.
Retail Sales -- Maintain gift shop in lobby - purchasing/selling relative items.
Transporter -- Taking animals to the vet/network rescue groups as needed, events.
Off-site Adoption Pgm. -- Coordinate adoptions at various locations/events.
Foster Family -- Temporary caring for animals at your home. (Foster application required.)
Education & Outreach -- Presentations to schools & community groups, tours, special events, etc.
Shelter Attendant (dog) -- Feed, clean cages, pet & brush, laundry, sweep, mop, clean prep area.
Dog Walker -- Walk and exercise adoption dogs/provide basic training to increase adoptability.
Shelter Attendant (cat) -- Feed, clean cages/litter boxes, pet & brush, laundry, sweep, mop, clean prep area.
     Socialize and exercise adoptable cats/provide human interaction & affection.
Cattery Manager -- Maintain cattery (caging/play areas) in best interest for cats.
Spay/Neuter Clinic -- Assist with paperwork/intake/discharge, assist techs with animals, clean area.
Grooming -- Daily maintenance in conditioning dogs.
Repair Work -- General maintenance as required.
Lawn Care -- General grounds maintenance as required.


Please indicate the days and times you are usually available to volunteer.

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