Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Hill County Paw Pals
P.O. Box 1533, Hillsboro, Texas 76645

Buy an Engraved Brick to Help Shelter
Our Community’s Unwanted Companion Animal Friends
(we are an IRC 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt corporation)

Use this form to buy an "Engraved Brick". Please complete all the fields on this form.  Your engraving is limited to 14 characters/line (including spaces between words) with 3 lines max.

When entering your characters for the engraving, use the tab key to move between character positions.  Or you can also just "click" in each character position with your mouse. Your brick will be engraved in all uppercase characters so it matters not if you enter your engraving in upper or lower case letters.  Your engraving letters can be any alphabet letter, the numbers 0-9, and the following special characters: period (.), comma (,), question mark (?), forward slant (/), dash (-), underscore (_), quote ("), ampersand (&), and the equal sign (=).  When you view your engraved brick (see next paragraph) any engraving characters that you have entered but are not allowed will be displayed as "undefined".  Please change those to any of the above listed characters.

Once you are satisfied with the wording for your brick you can press the "Review Brick" button to see a picture of your "Engraved Brick".  You can re-edit the three lines as many times as you need and then just press the "Review Brick" button to see your changes.

When your "Engraved Brick" is as you like it, you can complete your order by doing either of the following:

1. Print this web page on your printer (using the "Print Form and Pay via Check" button below) and mail it plus a check for $35.00 to: Hill County Paw Pals, P.O. Box 1533, Hillsboro, TX 76645. Make the check payable to Hill County Paw Pals.

2. Press the "Complete Transaction with Pay Pal" button to pay via a credit card as an online transaction. If you elect to use this option, your browser (once you complete the order form) will be redirected to the Pay Pal web site where you can safely and securely pay for your "Engraved Brick" with a credit or debit card.

3.  ** VERY IMPORTANT **  You must follow the link back to the Hill County Paw Pals site (and to this page) once your Pay Pal Transaction is complete.  There will be a link back to Hill County Paw Pals on the last page of your Pay Pal transaction sequence.  Your Buy-A-Brick transaction is not complete until you return to the Hill County Paw Pals website by following the link provided at Pay Pal.  Once back on the Hill County Paw Pals website your "Engraved Brick" form will be automatically emailed to you (at the email address you provide in the form below) and to hcpawpals@yahoo.com.

 As always, thank you for your support of Hill County Paw Pals and our goal of eradicating pet overpopulation in Hill County.


Please send this printed form and a check in the amount of $35.00 and made payable to Hill Count Paw Pals, to:

Hill County Paw Pals
P.O. Box 1533
Hillsboro, Texas 76645

Thank you for your support of Hill County Paw Pals

Your Transaction is Complete

Thank you very much for your support of Hill County Paw Pals.

Your Engraved Brick order is now complete and a copy of your Engraved Brick Form has been emailed to hcpawpals@yahoo.com and also to your email address, . Hill County Paw Pals will have your brick engraved.

If you would like, you may also print a copy of your completed Engraved Brick Form by clicking here.

Finally, if you would like to order another brick, just fill in the 3 lines with your new engraving and then select your method of payment: Pay Pal or Check. As before, you can review your "Engraved Brick" by pressing the "Review Brick" button. Make your changes as required and then once you are satisfied with your engraving complete your transaction via online with Pay Pal, or via the printed form and a check.

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