Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Incessant Crime in Hill County—“Dumping” Pets

Hello. My name is “Jackson”. I’m a male Schnauzer dog who is most fortunate to be here to tell my story. I barely survived my close brush with death when my partner and I were dumped by our “owners” along a busy road in Hill County. The day after we were abandoned, my partner was tragically hit by a car and killed as he ran out in front of it thinking it was our “owner” coming back to get us. You see, no matter how we canines are treated, we always return loyalty and unconditional love — a concept that remains foreign to many humans. My partner didn’t instantly die. He was able to crawl into a ditch where I curled up and stayed next to him until he took his last breath of life. I stayed next to him days after his tragic death — I couldn’t leave him; he was the only comfort and love in this world that I had left.

Four days after this ordeal, I was spotted by a Good Samaritan but fear prevented me from approaching her. I ran away only to return to the body of my partner where I felt I should stay. The Good Samaritan called a group named Paw Pals. Shortly, two kind ladies, Lana Crow and Holly Holland, arrived with a live-trap that would soon save my life. After they left with the live-trap in place with water and food inside, I entered it as if I were being guided.

The next morning as the sun broke, little did I know that a new life for me would begin. I was taken to Gwen & Bears in Peoria to be bathed and then to Hillsboro Veterinarian Hospital where Dr. Dave and Kari Roush vetted me to health.

I am not telling my story to make you feel sad, but to let people know the pain an animal suffers when abandoned and also that this is a criminal action. Pet abandonment is so horrific because most all die a slow and agonizing death just like my dog partner who was abandoned with me. If fact, it is so serious that it is labeled a Class A Misdemeanor (Penal Code 42.09 Animal Cruelty) with up to $4,000 in fines and/or a year in jail. In a county without basic animal control support, many cases of animal abuse go unchecked and often unpunished. Please continue to support Hill County Paw Pals’ endeavors—it’s for the good of our community. Please call my human friends at (254) 580-0679; email hcpawpals@yahoo.com;

Thank you, “Jackson”