Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

“Cans for Paw Pals” a Symbol of a Community Bringing Positive Change Approaching 10,000 Pound Milestone!

Cans for Paw Pals Hundreds of conscientious Hill County citizens have leaned towards “green” by donating their aluminum cans to support the goals of Hill County Paw Pals.

Paw Pals formed some seven years ago with attainable goals to correct our community’s horrific pet overpopulation issue by establishing an animal shelter in order to support a proactive county animal control program. Credit for the success of this recycling project goes to Jean & JD Landis who named and manages “Cans for Paw Pals”.

This project, where nine loads weighing 9,034 pounds have already been harvested, has generated $5,681.82 towards the goals of Paw Pals. 9,000 pounds of aluminum cans equate to some 227,000 cans. Interestingly, if one were to place 227,000 cans end to end the cans would stretch 18.2 miles or from Hillsboro past Lake Whitney dam! To put this into symbolic perspective, each of these donated cans was handled by a person who consciously made a determination to place the empty can into a receptacle destined to “Cans for Paw Pals”—a seemingly slight but in reality a major contribution in correcting pet overpopulation since the success of our endeavors is based on a determined and positive mind-set.

The Landis’ selfless devotion and contribution to Paw Pals’ undertaking bring great commendation and represents the warm and progressive spirit that exists in our community. Visit our new Facebook page for additional harvest pictures. The 16’ caged trailer used for this worthy project (valued at $1,600) was graciously donated by Ronnie & Dana Fuchs, proprietors of Cen-Tex Trailers of Hillsboro.

If you would like to participate with “Cans for Paw Pals”, please bring your clean aluminum cans to Brookshire’s in Hillsboro, our Low Cost Spay/Neuter and Vaccination Clinic on the first Tuesday of each month (Outlets at Hillsboro, Suite #102), drop them off at Jean and JD’s home which is located one mile west of Hackberry bridge on SH 22 (west of Hillsboro), or call to arrange pick up. Please, do not donate aluminum foil, pie tins or cat food cans (recycler will not accept these items).

For more information about Hill County Paw Pals, visit us on Facebook; email hcpawpals@yahoo.com; or call (254) 580-0679