Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Hill County Paw Pals 7th Annual Garage Sale’s Success A Tribute to Our Community

Used furniture, mounds of paperback books, gently worn clothing and shoes may appear as flea market clutter to the casual observer. However, to those involved with Hill County Paw Pals, these items are priceless reminders of a communities’ commitment toward correcting the horrific problem of pet overpopulation. Hill County citizens gathered donations and braved the cold rain while unloading items at Outlets of Hillsboro in preparation for the sale. People from all walks of life became involved by either volunteering, donating or shopping. Our community salutes the hundreds of people who set aside and then contributed thousands of donated items to support Paw Pals’ endeavors. Paw Pals’ volunteers diligently worked for hours all week long to sort and price items and then again volunteered their week-end to man the cashier stations and load purchased goods. One hundred percent of profits go directly to support Paw Pals’ mission to facilitate installation of proactive programs that will lead to county animal control service for the citizens of Hill County—a core service that taxpayers expect. Cherie Luttrell once again served as chairperson for the sale and led a multitude of volunteers through grueling hours of preparation. Her cheerful spirit and perseverance paved the way for a successful outcome! Outlets at Hillsboro once again graciously supported Paw Pals with providing floor space for the sale. Donated goods overflowed into five separate suites at the outlet mall!

Perhaps this very spirit of giving in our community is best captured from some of the shared Paw Pals’ comments: Holly Holland wrote after her exhausting work: “I woke up this morning feeling happy and excited never mind that I was moving slow. I didn't even mind going to work. It was a great weekend for such a great cause! I am so blessed to get to work with such awesome people when raising money for pets in need! I felt this past weekend was a success and I want to thank everyone who had a role in raising money for the adoption center! The bakery goods and drinks were a wonderful addition!! I cannot say enough good stuff about all of you involved that's for sure! I was really touched by all of the people that dug a little deeper in their pockets and said ‘keep the change’. Or the person who donated $100.00 in the store I was working in. Wow did you ever think it was possible during these hard times? There is love in the world! It is so easy to let bad things take over our minds but I think I can get through my days after witnessing the giving spirit of time, hard work, fellowship, shoppers and more shoppers this past week! Thank you, thank you Paw Pals for letting me be a part of this wonderful organization! You all are awesome and I love you!” Cherie Luttrell wrote “I am moving a bit slower today, BUT with a smile on my face. I am honored to be a part of a group that will stop at nothing to help those ‘who have no voice’. Having the garage sale at this time of year is like an early Christmas present! The work may have been hard, but the feelings left behind really do make you feel blessed.” A newcomer wrote “Just becoming new to all of this, I am very happy that everything went so well. We are real pet lovers and it is great to know that there are such wonderful people like all of you in an organization like this. I look forward to working with you.”

Hill County Paw Pals generated $13,587.68 from this fund raiser. Most extraordinary is the priceless gift of the focused support of “our” community. The message of the people wanting positive change in how we treat our companion dogs and cats is continually reflected every year: 2004 brought in $10,000; 2005 brought in $8,600; 2006 brought in $9,800; and 2007 brought in $12,700; 2008 brought in $19,000; and 2009 brought in $14,000. It remains so amazing to think about what a wonderful community this is and the many compassionate, giving people who live in this county. The suites provided by Outlets at Hillsboro was overflowing with donations from people throughout the county as a symbol of a community uniting towards one specific goal—correction to the horrific state of pet overpopulation in our county.

Never doubt that a group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”—Margaret Mead.

Again, thanks for everyone’s continued support and belief in our endeavors to facilitate the installation of needed county animal control program. To become part of our successful movement, please call (254) 580-0679; email hcpawpals@yahoo.com; or join our new FaceBook page as a “friend”.