Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Hill County Elected Leaders Present Appreciation to
Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP)

Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP), of Denton, Texas, was recognized on Tuesday, November 2 by Hill County Judge Justin W. Lewis and City of Hillsboro Mayor Dr. John P. Erwin, Jr., MD for a service that directly enhances quality of life in our communities with low cost pet sterilization and vaccination clinics. After nearly six years of continuous monthly service (71 clinics), our communities have benefited with nearly 3,000 pet sterilizations and over 7,000 pets being inoculated for the deadly rabies virus—making our community a better and safer place to live (at no expense to tax payers). Pictured are (left to right): Mike Hendricks from Paw Pals, Hillsboro Mayor John Erwin, Theresa Hood, Tayben Black, Amanda Elliott and Stacey Schumacher from TCAP, Hill County Judge Justin Lewis and Kathy Moore from Paw Pals.

TCAP was founded by Stacy Schumacher in 2002 as a nonprofit, membership organization that serves to increase public awareness and understanding of issues affecting animal welfare, to act as an information clearinghouse for animal welfare organizations and to support animal shelters and animal groups. TCAP provides low-cost pet sterilization and vaccination services to communities in north and central Texas communities (website: www.texasforthem.org). To date, TCAP has sterilized over 90,000 and inoculated over 115,000 pets against the rabies virus (the 100,000th milestone was celebrated during Hillsboro’s June 3rd clinic). TCAP operates primarily with grant money to bring affordable options for pet sterilizations to citizens that otherwise may not be able to afford this service. Last year TCAP was awarded the prestigious Humane Society United States Innovations Award for its progressive approach to low cost pet sterilization and vaccination for communities. Our community is most fortunate to have TCAP offer service to Hillsboro and Hill County. The TCAP organization has no obligation to come to Hillsboro and their presence here is based solely on their commitment to overcoming pet overpopulation through low cost pet sterilization. TCAP staff members endure the hardship of driving here from Denton, Texas to offer their invaluable services that impact our county for the better.

Kathy Moore, of Hillsboro, is the founder of Hill County’s low cost pet sterilization and vaccination program. During the early formation of Hill County Paw Pals, Moore saw the need for this community service and arranged the contract with TCAP. The first monthly service began February 2005 in Hillsboro and has continued for 71 consecutive months. These services in no way substitute for routine veterinary care. However, the impact provided is far reaching in reducing the stray and feral cat and dog populations and also in increasing the numbers of rabies vaccinated pets. Even citizens who do not utilize the services of TCAP enjoy the benefits of living in a safer community.

Low-cost pet sterilization is a vital component of a three-pronged proactive program that is the core of Paw Pals’ mission to correct pet overpopulation—Education, Sterilization, and the establishment of a dedicated Animal Control Program that includes an animal shelter for its support. All of these programs must work simultaneously to achieve a successful outcome. Residents and community leaders cannot outrun the consequences of pet overpopulation. Mindful decisions to curb the increasing numbers of unwanted pets must be made in the near future. Please visit Hill County Paw Pals at www.hcpawpals.org or their FaceBook page (join us as a “friend”!) for more information on how you can be part of the successful grass roots effort to make our community a better and safer place for our children by correcting pet overpopulation.