Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Paw Pals 8th Annual County-wide Garage Sale

You may call it what you like—AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE, AWSOME, but we at Paw Pals will just call it a grand success!  The 8th annual Paw Pals garage sale brought a gross profit of $13,042.33.  This comes at a time when the Paw Pals’ adoption center has been operating for 7 months and is housing almost 30 adoptable dogs and cats where over 100 pets have already been adopted.  The profits of the garage sale will be utilized to provide care for the animals and promote adoptions, and also to maintain the upkeep of the adoption center building at 1500 South Abbott Street in Hillsboro.  Paw Pals adoption center is operated solely by volunteer staff.

Paw Pals extends a hearty thank you to all who made this sale such a success.  We thank Rebecca Galuppo of Outlets of Hillsboro, along with all the fine security staff for their unending support before and after the sale.  Cherie Luttrell, from Whitney, again served tirelessly to orchestrate all the volunteers to organize and price all donated items.   Many volunteers from Hill County Paw Pals gave of their time to make it possible to open the doors to the public on Saturday morning.  Those volunteering at the sale were: Lois Beeney, Susan Crawford Cleo Davis, Andree Deford, Loraine Easterling, Cathy English, Dana Fuch, Martha Gauna, Betty and Mike Hendricks, Holly Holland, Carole Huens, Mary Ann Johnson, Shelly Jones, Marilyn Kerr, Jean and JD Landis, Cherie and Jillian Luttrel, Casey and Terry Martin, Marrissa Merritt, Heather Mobley, Grace Nemec, Brenda Pederson, Jordon Satterfield, Warren Smith, Pat Nelson, and Mark Trapp.  Paw Pals also extends a thank you to Judge Flo Logan and staff at the Hillsboro Municipal Court for supporting the sale with adding our activity as an avenue for those needing to work community service hours.  Thanks is also extended to Allied Waste Services of Itasca for donating the use of their large trash receptacle.

Paw Pals garage sale is much more than a fund raiser.  It is the living voice of a community brought together, the visible actions of what people can do to make positive change when they work as a team.  We thank the many generous families and persons across the county who saved items through the year and then donated to Paw Pals.  We extend a warm thank you also to all who gave their Saturday and Sunday to come and shop at the garage sale.  Many reached deeper into their pockets and donated above the price of the item to help support Paw Pals mission.

We can draw the circle wider even still when we step back to fully realize the impact of the sale.  It starts with those at Paw Pals who want to help the animals then extends to those in the community who want to also help and donate their goods then come and shop to show their support.  The sale benefits the animals and the Paw Pals goals, but also benefits those in the community who need to find clothing and household items at reduced cost.  Community service workers, who may otherwise never know about Hill County Paw Pals, have opportunity to witness the rewards inherent in a group displaying a commitment to service.   As Margaret Mead stated, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  For more information about Paw Pals, the group dedicated to end pet overpopulation, please call  254 580-0679.