Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Compassion Overcomes Potential Tragedy


Pictured with two rescued Labrador Retrievers is See Vorderlandwehr of Hillsboro.  See and her husband, Bobby, have long established family ties with Hillsboro.  This is the story of a timely rescue by kind, caring citizens.  It is presumed that a callous owner felt he had no options and dumped these dogs within Hillsboro City limits along Brandon Road.  For 2 weeks, the pair of dogs stayed together and roamed the neighborhood, probably hoping to find their former master and return home.  The loyalty a dog has for his master is unconditional and lasts forever; a trait not shared by their former human owners.  The dogs were reverting back to becoming wild animals as their experiences of hunger, fear, and near death drove their existence.  However, concerned citizens began to reach out and meet their basic needs for food and water.  Lana Crow, board member with Hill County Paw Pals, worked closely with Hillsboro Animal Control Officer James Deluca and the Trenkle family on Brandon Road and the animals were ultimately rescued from living on the streets of Hillsboro.  See and Bobby Vorderlandwehr stepped up to provide a foster home for these two beautiful creatures.  Dr. Dave and Kari Roush, proprietors of Hillsboro Veterinary Hospital, provided the dogs with their initial veterinarian care. 

            It is an amazing and beautiful occurrence when caring people come together in the community to restore lives, whether animal or human.  The strength that lies within our citizens can blossom into monumental things when we all come together to improve life within Hill County, and this rescue represents just a fraction of the potential that exists.

            Hill County Paw Pals is relentlessly working toward a county animal shelter and promoting basic animal control services for the citizens of this county.  No adoption center exists in Hillsboro, Whitney, or other communities in the county. Little options are available for residents.  The outstanding efforts of these citizens saved these dogs from certain death by lethal injection at the city impoundment facility; a fate that awaits countless others.

            Hill County Paw Pals is grateful to the Vorderlandwehr family for stepping forward to foster these abandoned dogs.  We appreciate all who offer their homes to foster unwanted pets who are awaiting adoption.  If you are interested in opening your home for foster care of dogs or cats needing a home, please call Lana Crow at 582-8902.

These Labs, one female and male, are ready for adoption.  An adoption donation of $85 is required to cover the cost of vaccinations and sterilization.  If you desire more information on Hill County Paw Pals, please call 580-0679.