Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Hill County Paw Pals Celebrates 4th Anniversary—Appeals for County Animal Shelter


Hill County Paw Pals commemorates its fourth anniversary this month.  Paw Pals formed as a group of 38 citizens concerned about the worsening pet overpopulation problem in Hill County and the effect this has on the general living standards for our residents.  They united with the core purpose of facilitating the building of an animal shelter for county use and an aim to correct pet overpopulation in order to make this a better place to live for all our citizens.  The group has now swollen to 1300 individual supporters and 60 businesses from every area of the county.  In celebrating our successes over the past four years, it would be beneficial to take a look at how we got to where we are now.

In early January 2004, the early founders of Paw Pals met with City of Hillsboro officials and were given a green light to raise funds for an animal shelter that would evolve into one for county use.  On May 16, 2006 the city of Hillsboro concluded that active involvement of the Commissioner’s Court was prudent and an offer was extended to the county.  July 11, 2006 saw the adoption of a resolution by the Commissioner’s Court to enter into a feasibility study for a county wide animal shelter.  This study was completed one year ago and included a proposed operating budget and a concept of operations plan.  Paw Pals has prepared to invest all designated building funds toward the construction of an animal shelter.

Hill County Paw Pals is proud to claim many noteworthy accomplishments over the past four years: a low cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinic that has sterilized well over 1500 pets and given 5,000.rabies vaccinations; the institution of a foster and adoption program that has saved the lives of many pets facing a death sentence; an outreach program to local schools to teach children how to care for their pets; and an ongoing fund raising program that has accumulated $350,000.

Now that we look at where we have been, we need to be prepared for where we are going.  Paw Pals stands ready to invest all funds designated toward the building of an animal shelter and have investigated several building designs.  Paw Pals has a network of volunteers ready to be trained to work at the shelter to offset shelter operating costs.  Hopefully, the future will see an expansion of the spay/neuter program and the educational outreach and more adoptions and growth of foster families.

It is truly amazing what a group of concerned citizens can accomplish with the support of a caring community.  Hill County is home to many hard-working people who live here for a variety of reasons.  Hill County Paw Pals is determined to give us one more big reason to be proud to call this home—that we show compassion to our companion animals and that we can unite to build an animal shelter for county citizens.  To make the animal shelter a reality, the ball rests in the hands of our elected officials and their ability to prioritize the operating expenses into the existing budget so as to not raise taxes.

Paw Pals has initiated a “Public Awareness of Pet Overpopulation Campaign” and will begin forming committees at the next public meeting on Thursday, June 5 from 6:30-7:30pm in the Bullock Room of Hill College cafeteria in Hillsboro.  For more information about Paw Pals, please email hcpawpals@yahoo.com, or call 254-580-0679.