Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Honoring One of Paw Pals’ Best—Dianna Prince



This article is written specifically to honor Dianna Prince who will be moving from Hillsboro this summer.  Perhaps one of the most valued contributions one can make to their community is to volunteer valued personal time in an endeavor to improve lives of all citizens.   Dianna accomplished this over and over in her volunteer work with Hill County Paw Pals—she is an embodiment of everything a community needs in a citizen.  Dianna’s main passion has been focused on the correction of our county’s pet overpopulation issue.  Dianna became heavily involved with Paw Pals’ sponsored Low Cost Sterilization and Vaccination Clinic where she worked up to 12 hour days during each of her 41 service days.  Working in the recovery area of the clinic became Dianna’s niche and her nursing background proved to be an invaluable asset.  Last month, this clinic reached a major milestone with over 1,500 pet sterilizations—thus directly preventing some 12,000 unwanted pets in our county.  Dianna’s commitment and devotion to this cause will continue to be far reaching for years to come.

            Paw Pals recently honored Dianna with dinner at El Conquistador Restaurant in Hillsboro.  Pictured left to right in the front row: Maureen Werr, Loraine Easterling, Kathy Moore, Dianna Prince, Lea Slocum, and Jane Green.  Back row: Karon Stone, Lana Crow, Jim Stone, Dana Fuchs, Betty Hendricks, Mike Hendricks, Marilyn Kerr, George Kerr, and Cecil Green (Cleo Davis, Mary Ann Johnson, and Scott Werr not pictured).

            More information about this group can be found on their websites www.hcpawpals.org or www.helphillcountyanimals.com or by calling (254) 580-0679.