Hill County Paw Pals, Hill County, Texas

Hill County Paw Pals 5th Annual County-Wide Garage Sale Tops Over $19,000



            It is so amazing to think about what a wonderful community this is and the many compassionate, giving people who live in this county.  You would all think so too if you went to the Hill County Paw Pals’ Fifth County-wide Annual Garage Sale and viewed the Hillsboro Convention Center Building.  The building was overflowing with donations from people throughout the county as a symbol of a community uniting towards one specific goal—installing an animal shelter to help bring correction to the horrific state of pet overpopulation in our county.  We thank everyone for their valued donations and your generosity is greatly appreciated.  The proceeds from this event broke all previous records.  The first day of sales alone brought in $12,238.59.  The total for the garage sale provided “your” animal shelter building fund with an unprecedented $16,916.21.  With the future sale of our donated 1982 Chevrolet van (From Mr. and Mrs. Don Mayfield of Osceola), mahogany dining room set with silverware (from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harvey, Jr. of Hillsboro), and Professional Universal Gym Set (from Marilyn and George Kerr of Hillsboro) this figure will top over $19,000.  Although the dollar amount is extraordinary, the most priceless gift has been the support of “our” community.  The message of our community wanting positive change in how we treat our unwanted dogs and cats is reflected every year with these annual sales: 2004 brought in $10,000; 2005 brought in $8,600; 2006 brought in $9,800; and 2007 brought in $12,700.  All these dollars are exclusively to benefit the building of “your” county animal shelter.



                We have to again acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of fellow Paw Pals volunteer Marilyn Kerr who has been the main organizer for this momentous event for the past three years.  Marilyn’s superb organizational skills continued to involve over sixteen hour days for the preparation week as she managed over 40 volunteers to sort and price the thousands of donated items to have the doors open by 8:00 Saturday morning.  “The community I live in and those surrounding me gave valued items for us to sell in our fifth annual garage sale.  This and the dedication of my fellow Paw Pals working tirelessly and making the correct decisions all week has allowed us to reach another goal.  These two things came together in perfect harmony this week and it proves that what we are doing is right,” says Kerr.



                Much thanks also go to the City of Hillsboro for the use of the Civic Center but most important for their continued support.  Thanks also go to Hillsboro Police Department Lt. Amy Cox for her systematic uniformed patrol of the area.  We also proudly recognize the following volunteers who found time in the busy schedule to bring success to this appreciated event: Gary and Colt Atchison, Patsy Bishop, Susan Crawford, Andree DeFord, Brittany Keaveny (Lil Miss of Texas 2008) and her mother, Tammy Burkhart, Vicki Crain, Lana and Lew Crow, Debra and Donna Dezendorf, Mary and Bob Douglas, Loraine Easterling, Nancy Gerin, Anita and John Gilley, Toni Hayward, Mike Hendricks, H.I.M. volunteers Maggie and Juana, Holly Holland, Carole Huens, Mary Ann Johnson, Marilyn and George Kerr, Jean and JD Landis, Cody Lewis, Andree Lewallen, Pat and Bill Loveless, Cherie, Jillian, and Nicole Luttrell, Kathy Moore, Mona and Johnny Orvig, Judith and Stan Parrotte, Sylvia Pate, Mary Lou Pierce, Hillsboro Animal Control Officer Jason Reed, Vicky Swain, and Bob Treadwell.



                This garage sale is a shining example of how a community can join together to affect positive change.  Our community salutes the hundreds of people who contributed thousands of donated items to support Paw Pals’ endeavors.  Paw Pals’ core of volunteers sacrificed thousands of valuable man hours to sort, price and sell these items with 100% of profits going directly to the animal shelter building fund that will support an animal control service for the citizens of Hill County—a core service that taxpayers expect.

“Never doubt that a group of committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”—Margaret Mead.  Again, thanks for everyone’s continued support and belief in our endeavors to facilitate the installation of a needed animal shelter.  To become part of our successful movement, please call (254) 580-0679; email hcpawpals@yahoo.com; or visit our blogsite at www.helphillcountyanimals.com.